The Alchemy of Stone by Ekaterina Sedia

The Alchemy of Stone by Ekaterina Sedia

Type: Trade Paperback
Pages: 304
Size: 5.5" X 8.5"
ISBN: 9781607012153
Publication Date: November 10, 2009
Price: $14.95

About the Author
A Locus Magazine Recommended Reading Book

Mattie, an intelligent automaton skilled in the use of alchemy, finds herself caught in the middle of a conflict between gargoyles, the Mechanics, and the Alchemists. With the old order quickly giving way to the new, Mattie discovers powerful and dangerous secrets — secrets that can completely alter the balance of power in the city of Ayona. However, this doesn't sit well with Loharri, the Mechanic who created Mattie and still has the key to her heart — literally.

"Sedia's evocative third novel, a steampunk fable about the price of industrial development, deliberately skewers familiar ideas, leaving readers to reach their own conclusions about the proper balance of tradition and progress and what it means to be alive."—(Starred Review) Publishers Weekly

“A gorgeous meditation on what it means to not be human. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this beautiful book, from its robot heroine to the Soul-Smoker and stone gargoyles that watch over the city.” —Justine Larbalestier, author of MAGIC OR MADNESS

“The Alchemy of Stone is beautiful and strong. Sedia presents images of wonder and strangeness to rival the Brothers Quay. She draws human emotion and relationship with profound authority. The Secret History of Moscow marked her as a talent to watch. This one’s better.” —Daniel Abraham, author of The Long Price Quartet

“Ekaterina Sedia has once more brought her stunningly lateral view of the fantastic, this time to THE ALCHEMY OF STONE: a steampunk fantasy of creatures, cities and affairs of the heart. Sedia’s fundamentally non-Western sensibility blends brilliantly with her exquisite prose, sense of character and place.”—Jay Lake, author of MAINSPRING and ESCAPEMENT

“Ekaterina Sedia goes from strength to strength, with THE ALCHEMY OF STONE a worthy follow-up to THE SECRET HISTORY OF MOSCOW. This is richly detailed, steampunkian adventure.”—Jeff VanderMeer, author of SHRIEK: AN AFTERWORD and World Fantasy Award winner

“Strange and smooth, sweet and clever, THE ALCHEMY OF STONE is a deeply engaging clockwork fable with real mechanical heart.” —Cherie Priest, author of NOT FLESH NOR FEATHERS and DREADFUL SKIN

“THE ALCHEMY OF STONE may be ostensibly rooted in genre fiction and indeed be quite appealing to the genre fiction audience . . . But such is the alchemy of literary invention that it’s quite clear [it] explores our world within the confines of a world created with language alone.” —Agony Column

“Sedia’s novel captures the surreal strangeness of a city whose power structure is about to be toppled, and her focus on Mattie’s relationship with her creator allows her to grapple with the tiny power struggles inherent in all human relationships.”—io9

“Blessed with exquisite prose, an extraordinary imagination, smarts and wonderful storytelling skills… [R]ead THE ALCHEMY OF STONE, a magnificent tale of change, betrayal and enchantment, and discover for yourself the magic of Ekaterina Sedia” —Fantasy Book Critic

“Even with all the allegories ignored, THE ALCHEMY OF STONE is an enjoyable read that never gets boring thanks to the constant drama and conflict. If you want something different in your fantasy or simply looking for a good read, [it] is highly recommended.” —Bibliophile Stalker

“Sedia’s novel has a steady pace and aims for the ‘slice of life’ feel of the fantasy books of Ursula LeGuin’s TEHANU or any of Patricia McKillip’s work. [T]he reader sees the world mostly through Mattie’s eyes, and feels her terrible loneliness. She’s a misfit toy in a strange world.” —FantasyBookSpot

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isbn: 9781607012153
booktype: Trade Paperback
pagecount: 304
pubdate: 2009-11-10
size: 5.5" X 8.5"