Sword & Blood by Sarah Marques

Sword & Blood by Sarah Marques

Type: Trade Paperback
Pages: 336
Size: 6" X 9"
ISBN: 9781607013310
Publication Date: April 4, 2012
Price: $14.95

Book One of The Vampire Musketeers

In another world, history changes but heroes remain the same.

In a world where vampires have taken every humble chapel, defiled every grand cathedral, subdued most nations and treated every human as cattle, Dumas’ hero musketeers rise to a greater challenge than they ever met in their original adventures. Under the name of Athos, Raphael, Count de La Fere, has spent a decade fighting vampires in the king’s musketeers. He never expected to see his wife again—he’d discovered Charlotte was a vampiric servant, hanged and left her for dead ten years before —yet it is she who turns Athos into a vampire. Or does she? Despite the craving for blood and overwhelming sexual hunger, Athos walks the fine line between the worlds, remaining human enough to fight vampires. Only his commitment and loyalty to his friends—fellow musketeers Porthos and Aramis—and a young Gascon named D’Artagnan, allows him to keep his soul through an adventure that tests the heights of his heroism and the depth of his darkest desires.

Also available as an e-book.

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isbn: 9781607013310
booktype: Trade Paperback
pagecount: 336
pubdate: 2012-04-04
size: 6" X 9"