Running With the Pack, edited by Ekaterina Sedia

Running With the Pack, edited by Ekaterina Sedia

Type: Trade Paperback
Pages: 352
Size: 6" X 9"
ISBN: 9781607012191
Publication Date: April 19, 2010
Price: $14.95

Remember the werewolves of old stories and films, those bloodthirsty monsters that transformed under the full moon, reminding us of the terrible nature that lives within all of us?
Today’s werewolves are much more suave and even sexy, and they moved from British moors to New York City lofts, shaved, and got jobs. But as the tales of these writers will show you, they remained no less wild and passionate, and they still tug at the part of our being where a wild animal used to be.

Starred Review: Sedia collects 22 tales that look at werewolves from a multitude of different angles. Steve Duffy's chilling dental thriller "Side-Effects May Include" examines how far a man will go to end his pain. A damaged alpha gains the trust of a homeless woman in Maria V. Snyder's "Mongrel." Murderous soccer moms eat cheaters in Samantha Henderson's "Skin in the Game." A woman accidentally turned wolf struggles against her dual nature before learning to accept it in Erzebet YellowBoy's powerful "Inside Out." The origin of T.J. from Carrie Vaughn's Kitty Norville series is told in "Wild Ride," and Mike Resnick's preacher/con-artist Lucifer Jones makes an appearance in the hilarious "Royal Bloodlines." The stories veer from comedy to horror and from tragic love story to coming-of-age tale, showing the richness inherent in the idea of shifting shapes and animal strength.--Publishers Weekly

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1. "Wild Ride" by Carrie Vaughn
2. "Side Effects May Include" by Steve Duffy
3. "Comparison of Efficacy Rates for Seven Antipathetics as Employed Against Lycanthropes" by Marie Brennan
4. "Beautiful Gelreesh" by Jeffrey Ford
5. "Skin in the Game" by Samantha Henderson
6. "Blended" by C.E. Murphy
7. "Locked Doors" by Stephanie Burgis
8. "Werelove" by Laura Anne Gilman
9. "In Sheep's Clothing" by Molly Tanzer
10. "Royal Bloodlines" by Mike Resnick
11. "Dire Wolf" by Genevieve Valentine
12. "Take Back the Night" by Lawrence Schimel
13. "Mongrel" by Maria Snyder
14. "Deadfall" by Karen Everson
15. "Red Riding Hood's Child" by N.K. Jemisin
16. "Are You A Vampire or A Goblin?" by Geoffrey Goodwin
17. "The Pack and the Pickup Artist" by Mike Brotherton
18. "The Garden, the Moon, the Wall" by Amanda Downum
19. "Blamed For Trying To Live" by Jesse Bullington
20. "The Barony At Rodal" by Peter Bell
21. "Inside Out" by Erzbet Yellowboy
22. "Gestella" by Susan Palwick

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isbn: 9781607012191
booktype: Trade Paperback
pagecount: 352
pubdate: 2010-04-19
size: 6" X 9"