On the Banks of the River of Heaven by Richard Parks

On the Banks of the River of Heaven by Richard Parks

Type: Hardcover
Pages: 254
Size: 5.5" X 8.5"
ISBN: 9781607012269
Publication Date: December 1, 2011
Price: $24.95

Introduction by Charles de Lint

Author's Blog

On the Banks of the River of Heaven presents fourteen stories by Richard Parks, an "unrepentant storyteller," according to Locus Magazine. In his third collection, you'll find stories about a ghoul with an identity crisis; a girl who can be anyone she wants except herself; a woman from heaven and a man very much from earth; gardening tips from hell; ten aspects of a goddess all searching for one wayward husband, and many other thrilling wonders. With his light touch and imaginative storytelling, Parks takes readers into the past as well as the future, to lands foreign as well as nearby, and from matters sublime to ones familiar (but never trivial or predictable). One of the most versatile fantasists of his generation, for Parks it is never style over the substance (or the other way around)—it is always a seamless melding of both.

"Gods, mortals, and entities somewhere in between provide provocative reflections on human nature in this breezy collection of 14 fantasy stories.... Parks relates these tales in a lyrical style that is sympathetic without being sentimental, straddling the boundary between the realistic and the romantic."—Publishers Weekly

"In a superb third collection, On the Banks of the River of Heaven, fantasist Richard Parks offers a series of powerful, timeless tales leavened with gentle humor."—Locus, Liza Trombi

"With three originals as good as the reprints, there’s something new here even for longtime fans. If you aren’t already familiar with Parks, be prepared to have your mind turned inside-out."—Locus,Faren Miller

"On the Banks of the River of Heaven" is, in one word, lovely. It is a collection of short stories, some related by time, place, and character, others unique in all three. Each story is a gem, a small jewel of Scheherezade-like story telling—compelling, fascinating, alive."— A Momentary Taste of Being


  • Introduction by Charles de Lint
  • On the Banks of the River of Heaven
  • The Finer Points of Destruction
  • A Pinch of Salt
  • A Garden in Hell
  • The Twa Corbies, Revisited
  • Lord Goji’s Wedding
  • The feather cloak
  • Skin Deep
  • Brillig
  • On the Wheel
  • Soft as Spider Silk
  • Courting the Lady Scythe
  • The Man Who Carved Skulls
  • Moon Viewing at Shijo Bridge

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isbn: 9781607012269
booktype: Hardcover
pagecount: 254
pubdate: 2011-12-01
size: 5.5" X 8.5"