The Ones That Got Away by Stephen Graham Jones (E-book)

The Ones That Got Away by Stephen Graham Jones (E-book)

Type: E-book
ISBN: 9781607013211
Publication Date: January 25, 2012
Price: $6.99

Introduction by Laird Barron

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Nominated for the Shirley Jackson Award
Nominated for the Bram Stoker Award

These thirteen stories are our own lives, inside out. A boy's summer romance doesn't end in that good kind of heartbreak, but in blood. A girl on a fishing trip makes a friend in the woods who's exactly what she needs, except then that friend follows her back to the city. A father hears a voice through his baby monitor that shouldn't be possible, but now he can't stop listening. A woman finds out that the shipwreck wasn't the disaster, but who she's shipwrecked with. A big brother learns just what he will, and won't, trade for one night of sleep. From prison guards making unholy alliances to snake-oil men in the Old West doling out justice, these stories carve down into the body of the mind, into our most base fears and certainties, and there's no anesthetic. Turn the light on if you want, but that just makes for more shadows.


  • Introduction: No Escape, Laird Barron
  • Father, Son, Holy Rabbit
  • Till the Morning Comes
  • The Sons of Billy Clay
  • So Perfect
  • Lonegan’s Luck
  • Monsters
  • Wolf Island
  • Teeth
  • Raphael
  • Captain’s Lament
  • The Meat Tree
  • The Ones Who Got Away
  • Crawlspace

"The twisty endings, villainous characters, and truly shocking scenarios make several of these disturbing stories truly unforgettable."—Publishers Weekly

"...What I’d really like to say, in reviewing this book, is something like:
Yep. All caps. Maybe even throw a little something underneath like:
before it devours you...
Once you begin The Ones That Got Away, you won’t want to put it down. You’ll want to stay up all night, call in sick to work the next day, and know that you can live through this. But no worries if the only reason you don’t stop is you’re too scared to close your eyes and sleep. I won’t tell."—OWC

"From the very first story, there is no hesitation, no easing into these tales, these dark fables....Expect the unexpected. In this collection of short stories, Stephen Graham Jones does all of the things that have come to be expected of him, and more. There are moments of terror, tension built up over time, an uneasy feeling creeping over you, your gut in knots, hesitating to turn the page. There are gestures of kindness and love, loss built on sacrifice, families protecting each other. There are histories from childhood that are buried deep, but sometimes not deep enough. And there are myths and legends that turn out to be true, awe paired with knowledge turned to fear. Be prepared for the nightfall, I’m warning you now. Laugh if you want to, it’s okay. Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones, your imagination held in check. Or maybe you’ll stare at the ceiling, listening to the scratching while you try to convince yourself that it’s just the squirrels in the attic. When the shadows slip across your bedroom walls, it’s from a car passing by, for sure. Just close your eyes, and drift off to sleep, there’s no weight sinking into the bed. It’s probably just the cat...You do have a cat, don’t you?"—The Nervous Breakdown

"Jones is really a maverick among today’s dark fiction writers, his writing style brilliantly nonconformist while remaining engagingly accessible. The Ones That Got Away is the perfect showcase for his wide-array of literary acrobatics and eccentricities that often fall just outside genre boundaries yet always seem firmly entrenched in darkness, each story in this exceptional collection a cerebral Ritz cracker to feed the farthest corners of the darkest mind."— Dark Scribe

 Also available in trade paperback.

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isbn: 9781607013211
booktype: E-book
pubdate: 2012-01-25