Superheroes edited by Rich Horton (E-book)

Superheroes edited by Rich Horton (E-book)

Type: E-book
Price: $6.99

Now, find within this anthology great tales by gifted and award-winning authors who move superheroes from the four-color panels of comic books to the fantastic pages of fiction, stories that will remind anyone who ever wanted to wear a cape or don a cowl of the extraordinary powers of the imagination!

Contents (alphabetical by author):
“Dirae” by Peter S. Beagle
“The Strange Desserts of Professor Natalie Doom” by Kat Beyer
“Wild Card” by Leah Bobet
“Grandma” by Carol Emshwiller
“The Los Angeles Women’s Auxiliary Superhero League” by Elana Fontin
“Secret Identity” by Kelly Link
“The Illustrated Biography of Lord Grimm” by Daryl Gregory
“Heroic Measures” by Matthew Johnson
“Super. Family.” by Ian Donald Keeling
“The Biggest” by James Patrick Kelly
“Superhero Girl” by Jessica J. Lee
“Secret Identity” by Kelly Link
“Tonight We Fly” by Ian McDonald
“Downfall” by Joseph Mallozzi
“Sunlight Society” by Margaret Ronald
“Dr. Death vs. the Vampire” by Aaron Schutz
“Wonjiang and the Madman of Pyongyang” by Gord Sellar

[This book also available as trade paperback.]

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