This collection is both a study in contrasts and a study in unity; the threads that run throughout Bear’s fiction are present, and so are the significant differences from story to story. This is one of those rare collections that makes both an ideal introduction for a reader who’s fresh to a writer’s work and a delightful re-acquaintance for a familiar correspondent, someone who’s been here before … Shoggoths in Bloom showcases a handful of brilliant stories, and several great ones, to strong effect.

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Shoggoths in Bloom is a pleasingly eclectic collection. It contrives to run from straight SF to fantasy and back again without pausing for breath … Elizabeth Bear is one of those authors who manages to be original every time and, in this collection, we have a rare collection of different stories, each different but with the same standard of excellence … Shoggoths in Bloom is excellent and well worth reading.

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Bear is a mistress of short story … If you are tired of clichés of genre or lack of fantastic in literary fiction, try [Shoggoths in Bloom]. If you want to know what it would be like if borders between two didn’t exist, Shoggoths in Bloom is as close as you can get.

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This is an excellent anthology for those seeking out quality, contemporary speculative short fiction … Each story is powerful, heart-rending, and memorable in its own way … Shoggoths in Bloom left me satisfied—and famished for seconds. More please. (Five stars.)

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