Future Lovecraft a Barnes and Noble Bookseller’s Pick for August

“Decades, centuries and even thousands of years in the future: The horrors inspired by Lovecraft do not know the limits of time . . . or space.

Listen to the stars that whisper and drive a crew mad. Worship the Tloque Nahuaque as he overtakes Mexico City. Slip into the court of the King in Yellow. Walk through the streets of a very altered Venice. Stop to admire the beauty of the flesh-dolls in the window. Fly through space in the shape of a hungry, malicious comet. Swim in the drug-induced haze of a jellyfish. Struggle to survive in a Martian gulag whose landscape isn’t quite dead. But, most of all, fear the future.”

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Publishers Weekly reviews Ghosts: Recent Hauntings

“Fall is the traditional time for ghost stories, and readers will find a wealth of unnatural shades and haunted places in this far-ranging anthology of 29 reprints and Stephen Graham Jones’s grim original “Uncle.” … Guran delivers a diverse and solidly entertaining variety of spooks and chills. (Sept.)”
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io9 reviews War and Space!

“While reading this book, I came to think of it not as military science fiction, but science fiction about war — and I think that there’s a real distinction that can be made between the two. Frequently, I was surprised at the topics the stories cover, and the fact that they often cover much more than just the battlefields in space. We see stories that cover relationships between soldiers and civilians, the politicians who instigate war, veterans who return home in pieces, and scientists who study their enemies.”

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Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror a Barnes and Noble Pick for July

“The latest edition of this annual anthology brings together stewards of the dark fantasy and horror scene including Stephen King, Kelley Armstrong, Joel R. Lansdale, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Naomi Novik, Charles de Lint, Glen Hirshberg, and Gene Wolfe. A trade paperback original worth keeping.”

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Publishers Weekly Reviews At the Edge of Waking by Holly Phillips

“The most haunting stories reveal the alien and strange beneath the normal: life forms under the Antarctic ice in “Cold Water Survival,” the troubled writer of “Queen of the Butterfly Kingdom” whose muse offers another reality beyond the unkind real world, and the murky, potentially dangerous line between imagination and illusion in “Castle Rock.” Phillips’s crisp, dense writing draws readers into intimate, seductive worlds of shadow and emotion.”

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