This collection is both a study in contrasts and a study in unity; the threads that run throughout Bear’s fiction are present, and so are the significant differences from story to story. This is one of those rare collections that makes both an ideal introduction for a reader who’s fresh to a writer’s work and a delightful re-acquaintance for a familiar correspondent, someone who’s been here before … Shoggoths in Bloom showcases a handful of brilliant stories, and several great ones, to strong effect.

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Shoggoths in Bloom is a pleasingly eclectic collection. It contrives to run from straight SF to fantasy and back again without pausing for breath … Elizabeth Bear is one of those authors who manages to be original every time and, in this collection, we have a rare collection of different stories, each different but with the same standard of excellence … Shoggoths in Bloom is excellent and well worth reading.

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Bear is a mistress of short story … If you are tired of clichés of genre or lack of fantastic in literary fiction, try [Shoggoths in Bloom]. If you want to know what it would be like if borders between two didn’t exist, Shoggoths in Bloom is as close as you can get.

A Book With a View, full review here!

This is an excellent anthology for those seeking out quality, contemporary speculative short fiction … Each story is powerful, heart-rending, and memorable in its own way … Shoggoths in Bloom left me satisfied—and famished for seconds. More please. (Five stars.)

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Contents Announced for ZOMBIES: SHAMBLING THROUGH THE AGES ed. Steve Berman

~Before Lazarus~

“Blood Marker” by Victoria Janssen
“Selected Sources for the Babylonian Plague of the Dead (572-571 BCE)” by Alex Dally MacFarlane
“Immortals” by Nathan Southard
“The Cost of Moving the Dead” by E. L. Kemper
“Hauntings and Hungers on the Banks of the Vipasa” by Rajan Khanna

~After Lazarus~

“A Frenzy of Ravens” by Christopher M. Cevasco
“The Wedding of Osiris” by Adam Morrow

~The Middle Ages~
“The Hyena’s Blessing” by Alex Jeffers
“The Good Shepherdess” by S. J. Chambers
“The Fledglings of Time” by Carrie Laben

~16th and 17th Centuries~
“Hung from a Hairy Tree” by Samantha Henderson
“Good Deaths” by Paul Berger
“Dead Reckoning” by Elaine Pascale
“Grit in a Diseased Eye” by Lee Thomas
“Theater is Dead” by Raoul Wainscoting
“The Suspected Deaths of Henry Everey by Fedini

~18th Century~
“Deathless” by Ed Kurtz
“Tantivy” by Molly Tanzer
“Cinereous” by Livia Llewellyn

~19th Century~
“The Wailing Hills” by L. Lark
“As the Crow Flies” by Rita Oakes
“Seneca Falls: First Recorded Outbreak of Strain Z” by Dayna Ingram
“Pegleg and Paddy Save the World” by Jonathan Maberry
“Dead in the Water” by Richard Larson
“Starvation Army” by Joe McKinney
“Lonegan’s Luck” by Stephen Graham Jones
“The Rickshaw Pusher ” by Mercurio D. Rivera
“The Revenge of Oscar Wilde” by Sean Eads

~Early 20th Century~
“The Gringo” by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
“The End of the Caroll A. Deering” by Bob Hole
“Tell Me Like You Done Before” by Scott Edelman
“Wineville, California (1928)” by Richard Gropp
“The Fated Sky” by Aimee Payne
“The Crocodiles” by Steven Popkes

Contents Announced for BAD SEEDS: EVIL PROGENY, ed. Steve Berman

“If Damon Comes” by Charles Grant
“Treats” by Norman Partridge
“The Family” by Halli Villegas
“The Horse Lord” by Lisa Tuttle
“My Name Is Leejun” by John Schoffstall
“Princess of the Night” by Michael Kelly
“Duck Hunt” by Joe R. Lansdale
“The Choir” by Joel D. Lane
“Children of the Corn” by Stephen King
“Yellowjacket Summer” by Robert McCammon
“The Stuff that Goes on in Their Heads” by Michael Marshall Smith
“Second Grade” by Charles Antin
“Respects” by Ramsey Campbell
“Melanie Klein Said” by Robert McVey
“Gaslight” by Jeffrey Ford
“Endless Encore” by Will Ludwigsen
“Cockroach” by Dale Bailey
“By the Mark” by Gemma Files
“The Disappearance of James H___” by Hal Duncan
“I Was a Teenage Slasher Victim” by Stephen Graham Jones
“Blue Rose” by Peter Straub
“Making Friends” by Gary Raisor
“You Deserve” by Alex Jeffers
“The Queen of Knives” by Georgina Bruce
“The Naughty List” by Christine Morgan
“The Perfect Dinner Party” by Cassandra Clare & Holly Black
“Make Believe” by Michael Reaves

Moscow but Dreaming a Locus New and Notable Book!

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Strange Horizons Reviews Shoggoths in Bloom

“Bear is a very skilled storyteller, and her plots are usually impeccable. With her prolificity and her interest in urban fantasy and police procedurals, she’s clearly from the more commercial end of the genre, which means she has the skills to carry you from page to page even when you’re not totally on board with the themes of the stories themselves.”

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