About the Publisher

Prime Books is an award-winning, independent publishing house specializing in science fiction, fantasy, and cross-genre anthologies, collections, and novels mixing highly acclaimed literary works with top-quality commercially appealing fare.  Prime has published authors such as  K.J. Bishop, Philip K. Dick, Gardener Dozois, Theodora Goss, Stephen Graham Jones, Sarah Monette, Barbara Roden, Holly Phillips, Rudy Rucker, Ekaterina Sedia, John Shirley, Catherynne M. Valente, Genevieve Valentine, Jeff VanderMeer, and many more. Prime releases have made the top ten lists of Amazon, Booklist, and Publishers Weekly.


Prime’s titles are distributed by Diamond Book Distributors.


Sean Wallace is the founder, publisher, and managing editor of Prime Books, which won a World Fantasy Award in 2006. In the past he has also co-edited Fantasy Magazine, and the two-time Hugo Award winning and two-time World Fantasy nominated Clarkesworld Magazine. Wallace has edited anthologies Best New Fantasy, Fantasy, Horror: The Best of the Year,  Japanese Dreams, and  Jabberwocky; he co-edited Bandersnatch, Fantasy Annual, People of the Book, Phantom, and Weird Tales: The 21st Century. He lives in Rockville, MD, with his wife, Jennifer, and their twin daughters, Cordelia and Natalie.

Paula Guran is Prime’s senior editor. She edited the Juno fantasy line for six years from its inception in small press imprint through its incarnation as an imprint of Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Books. She has been nominated twice for the World Fantasy Award, won two Bram Stoker awards, and two International Horror Guild Awards. The list of anthologies she has edited is growing so rapidly that it would likely be outdated as quickly as listed here. Guran has contributed reviews, interviews, and articles to numerous professional publications. She edited/produced for OMNI Online and Universal Studios HorrorOnline and was a consulting editor for a consulting editor for CFQ (Cinemafantastique) and Cemetery Dance. She’s also done a great deal of other various and sundry work in speculative fiction including editing magazines, agenting, publicity, teaching, publishing, and the DarkEcho newsletter. The mother of four people who can’t really be called children anymore, she lives in Akron, Ohio.

Neil Clarke is the owner of Wyrm Publishing, editor of the multiple Hugo Award-winning online semiprozine, Clarkesworld Magazine, a freelance ebook designer and an educational technologist. He lives in Stirling, NJ with his wife and two children.

Prime Books’ art director, Sherin Nicole has been dubbed a “chic geek” and likes the sound of it, especially since she’s a bit shy and depends heavily on her super heroine styled alter ego. When not designing all things graphic or hosting The Fantastic Forum—a show celebrating comics, sci-fi and fantasy—she escapes into food, family, the arts, and travel. Culturally, she’s half American, half British and very southern; right down to the accent and love of grits. Government reports list a residence in DC but Sherin spends most of her time on the astral plane and is certain she’s seen you there..


Prime Books is not currently open to unsolicited, unagented manuscripts. However, we do welcome submissions from agents. Please contact Paula Guran: paula@prime-books.com. We accept only emailed submissions. Do not mail submissions, they will be recycled without reading or reply.


Subsidiary rights for Prime Books are represented by Jennifer Jackson of the Donald Maass Literary Agency. If you have questions or inquiries please contact Jennifer Jackson: jjackson@maassagency.com.


DRM-Free. ‘Nuff said.


For review copies and other publicity related matters: publicity@prime-books.com.


For more information about Prime Books, contact Sean Wallace: prime@prime-books.com.